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How to reach Bayreuth

by plane:
The nearest airport to Bayreuth is Nuremberg with a fair number of Domestic and European connections (for more details, see http://www.airport-nuernberg.de/). The closest international airports are Frankfurt (http://www.frankfurt-airport.com/) and Munich (http://munich-airport.de/) from which you can reach Bayreuth by train.

by train:
Bayreuth can be reached directly from the larger Deutsche Bahn railway hub Nuremberg ("Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof"). Trains leave Nuremberg main station on an hourly basis; the travel time is approximately 1 hour (!!! The trains sometimes split in two: the head of train going to Bayreuth and the tail going to ... somewhere else). Further details on trains schedule can be found at https://www.deutschebahn.com/

by car:
Bayreuth can be reached best via the Autobahn A9 (Berlin-Munich). Get off at the exit "Bayreuth Süd". Follow the traffic signs towards "Bayreuth" and "Universität" (University). You may also consult an online map before your travel.

Public transport in Bayreuth

Public buses commute regularly between the city center and the university campus. All bus lines start from the central bus station ("ZOH"). There are two bus lines directly to the university: Line 306 to "Campus" and line 304 to "Birken-Universität". Exit the bus at the bus stop "Mensa" (cafeteria) or "Geowissenschaften". The website with the bus route and schedule can be found here. Alternatively a map of the bus route can be downloaded by clicking here

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